John M. Drath, Esq.

Mediator  •  Arbitrator

  • Plaintiff sold an auto collision repair shop to the defendant along with the building in which the business was located.  The two transactions were to close simultaneously but due to financing complications and an error on the part of the title company (also a defendant), only the building sale closed and now the defendant claims an inability to complete the sale of the business due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

  • Defendant contracted to provide security at plaintiff's distribution facility in Mississippi. During a holiday weekend, thieves driving big rigs broke through a perimeter fence and hooked up trailers loaded with the plaintiff's merchandise. Three trailers were removed and one was recovered with its load intact. The stolen merchandise was valued at $1.75 Mil. Plaintiff accused the guards of failing to watch the monitors or make rounds, so the theft was not discovered in progress.