John M. Drath, Esq.

Mediator  •  Arbitrator

  • "Obviously, John Drath is a professional. Very pleased with the experience and the outcome!"
  • "Plaintiff counsel found the neutral extremely effective."
  • “John has very good sense of fairness. And he’s a guy who actually used the law in real life when he was practicing, so having an arbitrator like him, there’s not a whole lot that gets by him. And he’s very good at letting both sides speak their mind and make their case. And more importantly, he’s sharp about what matters and what doesn’t matter within the means of the applicable law.”

    “John Drath is in a league of his own. John will challenge you, and I like that about him. If he thinks we’re dead wrong in how we’ve evaluated the case. He doesn’t mind sharing that to get movement. He has a folksiness. He’s genuine. He’s honest. He’s extraordinarily likable. He’s just one of those guys that it’s in his DNA. He’s immediately engaging and disarming, which can be good and bad, because he’s a guy you want to talk to and you want to pour your heart out to. But you can most definitely trust him when it comes to mediation.”

    “John worked very quietly behind the scene and was extremely effective at wrangling all the cats and getting all the various insurance companies and defendants on the same page. He’s very patient. He kept lawyers in check. He allowed the parties to express themselves when they needed to vent and just stayed very focused on the goal. And he really, really stayed with it.”