John M. Drath, Esq.

Mediator  •  Arbitrator

Medical Malpractic


  • Defendant physicians declined to impose spinal precautions for accident victim, and paraplegia developed while hospitalized.

  • Severe birth defects resulting from claimed negligence during labor and delivery. Action against two physicians, independent nursing staff, and hospital. Settled piecemeal over two mediation sessions.

  • Defendant physician allegedly left placental fragments following birth and ignored the plaintiff’s subsequent complaints of pain. The failure to treat resulted in a hysterectomy, bowel resection and colostomy.

  • Wrongful death claimed to be caused by negligently failing to prescribe medications to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.

  • Pharmacy erroneously refilled a prescription with the wrong medication, leading to a severe albeit temporary reaction in a mentally challenged minor.

  • Asthmatic woman given a beta blocker despite contraindications, resulting in cardiac arrest and permanent brain damage.

  • Claimed medical malpractice, elder abuse and statutory violations against a skilled nursing facility resulting in pressure sore.

  • Claimed medical practice and elder abuse against two skilled nursing facilities for wrongful death and enhanced remedies.