John M. Drath, Esq.

Mediator  •  Arbitrator

Personal Injury / Public Entity Liability


  • Alleged defective road design and maintenance: double death resulted from driver losing control and crossing into oncoming traffic.

  • Bus vs. auto - claimed traumatic brain injury, inability to return to employment.

  • Bus vs pedestrian - wrist fracture, claimed traumatic brain injury, impairment of earning capacity.

  • Bus vs pedestrian - extensive fractures, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain syndrome, no longer able to work, outside care needed.

  • Pedestrian injured in trip and fall on sidewalk - alleged dangerous condition.

  • Bus vs property owner. Driver and property owner got into a dispute about where the bus was stopping. Driver pulled away when the individual still had his foot stuck in the door. Extensive foot injury.

  • Bus vs auto resulting in back surgery.

  • Auto vs street sweeper - wrongful death - alleged slow moving street sweeper pulled onto roadway when it could not safely clear the intersection and avoid an impact with decedent's vehicle.